We grow and import over 200 species of tropical foliage plants, from staple items such as Chlorophytum (Spider Plant) hanging baskets to rare and exotic specimens like Variegated Monstera. Our plants come from all over the world – Canada, the U.S., Asia, Europe, Central and South America – and our buyers are on top of all the latest trends and emerging ideas in the market. Sizes range from 2 IN to 30 Gallon or larger – whether you’re looking for miniature plants for Fairy Gardens or massive palm trees for installation in a shopping mall, we have sources and solutions.

Some of Our Tropicals Include

        • Aglaonema
        • Bromeliads
        • Birds of Paradise
        • Citrus
        • Dracaena Canes & Tips
        • Fig Trees & Bushes
        • Monstera
        • Palm Trees
        • Peace Lilies
        • Philodendron
        • Sansevieria
        • Yucca

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