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Morgan Creek Tropicals offers a wide range of tropical plant varieties, specializing in Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo and Pachira Braids. Our top-quality foliage is what today’s customers want for indoor living & home decor.

While not all plants provided by Morgan Creek Tropicals are grown on site, we work with the finest producers throughout the Lower Mainland, Canada and the USA to be able to offer a complete range of Tropical, Seasonal and Blooming Plants.

Our availability varies weekly and product moves quickly, there is always something fresh and interesting in stock or on the way.

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Houseplants have never gone out of style but for today’s consumer they are must-have items. We offer everyday basics for the new and novice indoor gardener, statement pieces for interiorscaping and decorating and even rare and exotic items for the collector and connoisseur.
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We are a leading supplier of Ficus microcarpa Bonsai, Pachira aquatica (Money Trees) and Dracaena sanderiana (Lucky Bamboo). Whether for special occasions like Lunar New Year or everyday home décor, these plants are timeless and can be styled in both traditional and modern upgrades.

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Sturdy, visually interesting and immensely popular, cacti and succulents of all shapes and sizes feature in both the indoor and outdoor gardens of modern homes. We offer dozens of varieties from Aloe Vera to Zigzag cactus and a wide selection of upgrade options.

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