What types of businesses does Morgan Creek Tropicals sell to?

We serve a diverse range of licensed businesses across Canada and the United States. This includes mass market retailers, hardware and grocery stores, garden centers, interiorscapers, florists and gift shops. Our customers all have plants and/or flowers as a core component of their businesses. We are wholesale only and do not sell directly to the public.

I am not a wholesale buyer. How/where can I buy Morgan Creek Tropicals products?

While we do not maintain a list of stockists here on our website, you are welcome to get in touch for information on retailers in your area. Our Instagram also provides where to buy updates from time to time.

Where does Morgan Creek Tropicals ship to?

We serve most of Western Canada from Vancouver Island to Winnipeg, MB and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We use Profloral Express for dedicated ship days to AB, SK, MB and WA/OR in the US and local LTL carriers for service within the provinces. Customers may also use their own trucks or carriers of choice.

I am a qualified buyer and Morgan Creek Tropicals ships to my area. What are the next steps to becoming a customer?

Please get in touch so we can confirm your business info and discuss your needs. Demand for our products is exceptionally high and we may have a wait list for new accounts but let’s talk plants and see what we can arrange.

I buy plants and flowers through UFG, can Morgan Creek Tropicals ship to the auction?

Yes, we are a Grower Member of the United Flower Growers Co-op. We sell on the clock and can also do direct and greenhouse sales. We are GCP certified for US shipments in most of our product ranges. Our Grower # is 294.

I need plant care advice on one of your products – where do I find this?

Your retailer should be able to assist you with expert knowledge on most any plant products. The website bloomiq.com offers excellent information as well. We will certainly endeavour to assist you if you can’t find the information you require.

Let's talk plants