Cactus / Succulents

Among the most popular of contemporary houseplants, succulents are indispensable in any plant collection. Easy to care for and succeed with, plants in the succulent realm offer wonderful colour and texture and great shelf life too. Cacti also come in many shapes and textures and do very well with minimal care. We offer many packaging and upgrade options for everything in this range and can customize programs to your specifications.

Some of Our Cactus / Succulents Include

        • Aloe Vera
        • Crassula ovata (Jade Plant) 2IN to 10IN sizes
        • 2, 4 & 6IN Succulent Assortments
        • 2 & 4 IN Cactus Assortments & Larger Specimens
        • Retail ready displayer options
        • Dish gardens
        • Abundance of varieties and upgrade options

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