Employee Safety

Employee safety pictureMorgan Creek Tropicals truly values all of its employees. Our employees are one of the most important parts of our company as they attribute to being one of the key driving factors of improving and growing our business.At Morgan Creek Tropicals, we are committed to creating a positive work environment where employees feel safe. MCT recognizes the importance of employee health and safety and has created an Employee Health and Safety Policy to ensure employees are aware of all rules and regulations.

Employees are required to comply with all health and safety procedures that are set in place to keep the work environment a safe place for our employees, customers and suppliers.Some procedures we follow are we:

• conduct basic health and safety training as part of the orientation program for new employees.
• give employees hazardous materials training (who would likely be working with or around these materials.)
• conduct monthly safety meetings to ensure policies are being followed
• always have trained first aid attendants on site
• work diligently to minimize or eliminate any and all safety hazards of any nature

We strive to protect the wellbeing of our valuable team and continue to improve and update our policy to make the work environment a better place.